Our Services
  • Conceptualising the entire wedding from start to finish:
    We make a whole plan for you taking care of your needs and wish list. We give you various options, all this helps to widen horizons in terms of ideas, and take care of minutes’ of your needs and desires.
  • Sourcing and providing information on each of the rituals /customs that a wedding involves,
    depending on your specific needs and religion. Our familiarity and knowledge about religious and non- religious celebrations.
  • Coordinating with all the vendors regarding the wedding:
    Taking care of your budget, we provide vendors in all fields, with the best of deals, co-ordinating with them regarding each and every aspect, and best of everything shall be surely offered to you.
  • Our experienced and efficient knowledge of the wedding service provider industry.
  • Our vendor relationships and referrals.
  • Our detailed and meticulously constructed packages including full planning and management services along with wedding day coordination facilities.
  • Wedding etiquette and guidance.