Wedding Planning
When diversities in culture are praised and adapted by the other nations it leads to certain developments as well as building of strong bond between different cultures. Indians are aping the west and people from far west have been admiring and adopting Indian culture.

When there is such an affinity for both cultures why not make things easier by encouraging event planners who could in a small way get the people closer and increase passion for each other's nation.

Together with your desires and our efforts we strive to make every event calling for a celebration:

'A landmark in our lives', which we create together !!!!!

Whether big or small, we exult in our victories and accomplishments in our unique ways, bench marking the milestones in this journey called Life.

A unique blend and fusion of oriental ethnic as well as western themes provides an ambience that surpasses ones imagination. A stylistic blend of bright, vibrant colours of Indian diversity and mellow elegant hues of the western world can no doubt make an event memorable.

Our team of enthusiastic designers and artisans helps you weave these magical moments together.

Planning a wedding according to your budgets is our priority and budget completely depends on the theme with accordance to your desires. Thus we manage all the logistics, the creativity and resources to make your dream' wedding come true. Desires are yours and making those desires true is our pleasure.