Tejveen Kaur :: Founder & Creative Director

Creativity stands for style, skill and imagination. Tejveen, a young enthusiastic girl, has been said to be born with these qualities. Being fanatically meticulous and creative were the traits she possessed. She really did not think that these could be the strengths in her life which could make her career.
Her career began as a Décor & Creative Packaging Stylist in 2005. Emphasising on intimate small affairs, was where she began her career from. She believed in complete personalisation of an affair and believed these intimate affairs are much more challenging where everything is observed to the minutest, which indeed creates the buzz. She honed her creative & organizational skills to perfection and build her strong foundation as a Wedding Planner. In 2008, she further escalated as a Wedding Planner, along with being a Décor Stylist. Further progressed and excelled in handling complete Guest Hospitality & Logistics as well.
“We are our client’s extended family members. Each Wedding has its own challenges, learning and excitement, that we yet get goose bumps while planning each wedding even now”!!
A girl full of zeal believes in sensitively handling her client’s wish- list, along with keeping her professionalism and style in pristine. Her asset is not only concentration on the bucket list of the couple, but of a family as whole. She works around, in fashioning the wedding which is a complete reflection of the Family’s ethos!!
T’zires as a team is comprised of ambitious and motivated professionals, supported by a dedicated and loyal work force.
“Persistent hard work and being passionate in life” is her motto which is very much instilled in her team as well.